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Who are we?


  • A society proceeding by the spiritual discipline of initiation whose origins are lost in the mists of time

  • An international association without distinction of religion, race, colour or language, which practises Brotherly love without any form of discrimination

  • A group of lodges ruled by the principles of mutual toleration, mutual respect and absolute freedom of conscience, accepting no limit to the quest for Truth and Justice

  • A club of any sort

  • A group therapy

  • A sectarian or dogmatic society

  • A political or commercial organisation


  • To lead women to a better understanding of themselves and thus to acceptation of their own intrinsic value, and to accompany them through the various levels of initiation towards lucid self-awareness, better understanding of others and spiritual well-being

  • To assist women to participate in the construction of a responsible, free and humane society, without utopianism, but taking into account the realities of the world, and the inherent weaknesses of mankind
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