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GLFS Declaration

Declaration of the GLFS

The explosion of violence in the world, the rise of extremism, the need to react against acts of terrorism in which scores of innocents have lost their lives, have inspired the Women’s Grand Lodge of Switzerland to reaffirm our fundamental values, while remaining outside any political forum.

The Women’s Grand Lodge of Switzerland has adopted the motto of our country: “one for all and all for one”, which expresses our fellowship with the victims. Our Grand Lodge is firmly attached to humanistic values, which are at the root of our culture and our civilisation. We uphold freedom of conscience and the respect for others - which starts with self-respect - tolerance and brotherly love.

On the strength of these values, the Women’s Grand Lodge of Switzerland is firmly opposed to all forms of violence, and to any infringement of the rights and dignity of human beings, in particular of women and children. We appeal to the conscience of humanity for Wisdom and Peace to reign among all peoples of this world.
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