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General principles

General principles

Freemasonry is a universal order, based on initiation and tradition. It is philanthropist and philosophical, progressive and evolutive. Its aims are the search for Truth, the study of Morals and Ethics, and the practice of Solidarity.

Freemasonry works towards moral improvement and the respect of Ethics. It aims at the intellectual, social and spiritual perfection of humankind. It is dedicated to the study of symbolism.

The basic principles of Freemasonry are toleration, respect for others and for oneself, total freedom of conscience. It sets no limit to the constant search for Truth and Justice.

Considering that metaphysical concepts belong exclusively to the individual appreciation of its members, it rejects all dogma.

It is the duty of Freemasonry to extend to all mankind those fraternal links which unite Freemasons in all different parts of the globe.

It recommends that its members set an example in word and in deed, while respecting the secrets of masonry.

It is the duty of all Freemasons to help, enlighten and protect their fellow-beings in all circumstances, and to defend them against any injustice.

Freemasons venerate work. They are subject to the legislation of the country where they may meet freely with their Sisters or their Brethren. 

Freemasons are free women, guided only by their conscience. 
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